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Tapestries of Hope & Flashcards Package

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Tapestries of Hope and Flashcards make a powerful and insightful training and discovery set. The set comes with a FREE 24" x 36" Poster of Tapestries of Hope! Tapestries of Hope is a vibrant international call to action to stop the rape and abuse of young women, and a breathtaking portrait of hope in the face of overwhelming odds. Host a screening of the film in your home or community to help raise awareness about violence against women, and to encourage action to stop it. "Flashcards" is Michealene Cristini Risley's award winning short film on incest and sexual abuse. The films corresponding curriculum offers viewers a unique method to create a dialogue on a much avoided topic. Used by the Canadian Royal Mounted Police and in various international programs, the film is a valuable resource for outreach and awareness.